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CEREGUMIL Pure-Liquid 6-Year Panax Ginseng Root Extract Syrup – 15mg Ginsenosides Help Fight Physical & Mental Fatigue; Boosts Energy, Daily Performance, Concentration and Reflexes – Natural Energy Supplement, No Additives or Preservatives – 250ml Bottle

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  • TASTES GREAT – You can take alone or like our customers prefer using CEREGUMILTM’s great tasting ginseng liquid extract syrup to sweeten up their favorite foods and drinks, while getting their daily recommended ginseng dosage of 10mL twice a day.
  • ABSORBS FAST – Drinking CEREGUMIL Ginseng gives you all the nutritional benefits of ginseng at a much-faster rate than capsules, pills, or powders.
  • 100% NATURAL – Grown and harvested using sun-dried and water extraction methods, so you get the most antioxidants, nutrients, ginsenosides possible from CEREGUMILTM liquid ginseng extract syrup. Made with cereals, legumes (wheat, lentils, kidney beans), beehive honey, and sugar cane – no additives, preservatives or chemicals whatsoever.
  • 15MG GINSENOSIDE CONTENT – Ginsenoside is the active ingredient in ginseng that helps you fight fatigue; boosts your energy and drive and concentration and reflexes. CEREGUMILTM has 15mg of ginsenoside, which is the ideal daily amount!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Your happiness is guaranteed with CEREGUMIL liquid extract ginseng. If you’re not satisfied with your 250ml bottle, we’ll promptly refund your purchase.

Why Liquid Ginseng?

You might be wondering, why drink ginseng – is there any benefit to *drinking* ginseng syrup?

Yes, there is! As a matter of fact, there are many benefits to drinking CEREGUMIL ginseng syrup. But before we get what those benefits are, let us get something out of the way. Unlike other brands — CEREGUMIL liquid ginseng extract syrup does not taste sour. In fact, CEREGUMIL is so tasty, many of our customers use it as a sweetener for their tea or coffee.

Now let us get back to the benefits of drinking ginseng. First of all, ginseng liquid extract absorbs faster in your body. This means you will get all the benefits of ginseng, as quickly as possible. These benefits include:

  • Weight loss help — Ginseng extract is believed fight obesity and helpful with weight control. Additionally, ginseng tea works as a natural appetite suppressant.
  • Physical and mental health stimulant – Ginseng tonic is believed to help with stamina and boost energy levels. Athletes often use ginseng to regulate oxygen more effectively. Since ginseng regulates metabolism, it can increase energy levels, lower recovery time, reduce stress. Ginseng also stimulates brain cells which enhances concentration and thinking ability.
  • Male sexual function – Consuming ginseng tea can help men lessen the symptoms of sex-related conditions, like erectile dysfunction.
  • Menstrual problems – Young women suffering from menstrual cramps and distress are often advised to take ginseng because it is believed to lessen stomach pain associated with menstruation.

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Enjoy the flavor of CEREGUMIL ginseng extract today, so you can get the many natural benefits of ginseng as quickly as possible!


Ginseng is often considered the “king of herbs” and for good reason. It has been

used for over 2000 years to treat a wide variety of health maladies. Studies show that

ginseng can help to reduce mental stress, improve memory function, stimulate the

immune system, relieve fatigue, boost stamina, promote digestion and increase sexual



But not all ginsengs are created equal. Ceregumil only uses 6-year- old white

Korean ginseng which is considered among the best quality. This is because Korea’s

climate naturally produces longer, thicker and richer ginseng roots. The ginseng is

grown, harvested, naturally sun-dried and water extracted to ensure you receive the

most antioxidants, nutrients, ginsenosides. The ginseng’s healing properties increase as

it ages, which is why 6-year- old ginseng is considered the highest quality.


Our breakthrough formula also delivers other important nutrients like natural

cereals, legumes (wheat, lentils, kidney beans), pure beehive honey and sugar cane.

This ensures your body gets the nourishment it needs, helping you stay more focused

and energized.

Why choose Ceregumil Ginseng Dietary Supplement?


  • * Aids in memory function
  • * Increases energy & libido
  • * Reduces stress & fatigue levels
  • * High ginsenoside content (15mg)
  • * 100% natural ingredients
  • * Great taste
  • * Made in state-of- the-art facilities in Spain

Try Risk-Free with 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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