Selenium deficiency is very uncommon in Americans. This deficiency generally occurs when the person is feed through IV for long periods.


The selenium is a micro-mineral that must be used in small proportions, it’s essential for health and organ. It is considered an anticancer, an antiaging, an antioxidant and antidepressant.


There exist two important reserves of selenium in our body. One coming from diets (selenomethionine) and the other one coming from the liver, though the selenium present in the liver enzyme (glutathione peroxidase).


Selenium deficiency produces several diseases such as:


  • Kashin-Beck, a disease that generates a bad articulation and osseous
  • The endemic cretinism, myxedema, which causes intellectual disability
  • Crohn disorder, related to gastrointestinal problems
  • Too much selenium in our body can also cause other problems as nauseas, hair loss, nails problems, petulance, mild nerve damage and fatigue


There exists another disease which claimed thousands of children lives around the 60’s in China, years later it was discovered it was due to selenium deficiency soil.

Foods that are good sources of selenium for our body


Cereals, vegetables, and legumes are the most common food source of selenium.

Red meat, shellfish, eggs, chicken, liver, fish, garlic, onion, and Brazil nuts are a very good source of selenium, among other…



Others benefit from food containing selenium


  • Selenium contributes to the thyroid glands regulation
  • It has a significant role in our immune system
  • It helps the body to produce a special protein called antioxidant enzymes, which also plays an important role in the cellular damage prevention
  • Prevents cancer and cardiovascular diseases
  • It fights asthma
  • Increases the metabolism
  • Eliminates dandruff

As we can see, the selenium improves the absorption of many nutrients in the organism. It is essentials to make the body works properly; it helps to the bones’ formation and the hormone production. A balanced diet is the best way to obtain this mineral

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