There are a lot of solutions when it comes to weight loss, however, nature has been found to always work the biggest wonders. Speaking of nature, the traditional Chinese medicine is known for using a number of herbs to mind and body practices. Ginseng is one of them – and is believed to be one of the best herbs for weight loss.

Now, the roots of this plant have been used for medicinal purposes for decades – with ginsenosides being the most active compounds found in ginseng roots. Now, there are 11 varieties of ginseng available on the market nowadays – but what you are probably wanting to hear is how does ginseng boost weight loss?


Ginseng & Weight Loss: A Powerful Combination For Trimming Your Body

As a true remedy, ginseng is famous for boosting energy, improving the cognitive performance as well as preventing cancer. On top of these benefits, it is also linked to weight loss.

First and foremost, ginseng has anti-obesity properties which have been studied for years. It also influences hormones such as leptin, insulin, and adiponectin – all connected to weight loss, fat and cholesterol metabolism. Ginseng is also helping the blood sugar control process and thanks to the Panax ginseng berry extract, has been reported to lower the blood glucose and therefore the body weight in a lot of animal studies.

Patients treating diabetes have been using ginseng over the years to enhance their insulin activity and improve the glucose metabolism, but also improve the digestion and enhance the exercise capacity and stamina.


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Yes, Ginseng Is Also a Powerful Immunity Booster

The Chinese herb has been linked to the immune system for long, and just like it boosts energy and exercise capacity, it is able to create barriers of defense against various infections by foreign organisms and substances.

That being said, the plant ginseng is definitely worth trying out as a supplement or extract. Aside from the power to motivate and boost you to lose weight while working out, it also boosts the immunity system and prevents obesity and other disorders from happening.


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