It’s a fact that fast food is not only related to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular risks, actually, we have no idea how damage can cause junk food to our body. We tend to think that the only problem may be some extra pounds and that’s it! But we’re wrong; the truth of eating fast food can be scary.

An interesting fact is about two studies held in the United Kingdom and Australia showing the relationship of the fast food with the depression in a person, due to the low vitamins containing in highly processed food.


Studies certified depression as consequences of the fast food in our feeding habits

Researchers have concluded that abusing of fast food increases in a 50% the possibility of developing depression and anxiety disorders, especially severe in people of 11 and 25 years old.

Fried food, sweetened desserts, meat highly processed, chocolates and refined grains are some of the products that could increase the vulnerability of people in developing depression.


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Healthier food not only prevents diseases of different pathologies, but reduces the risks of suffering depression

Trying to maintain a balance in our feeding habits is the best way to be healthy, people who use to eat a lot of vegetables, fish and fruits have less chance to develop depression.

It’s kind of simple trying to understand this, if we don’t give to our body the protectors elements that fruits, legumes, cereals, fish and vegetables contains we’ll start feeling down, why? because we are producing bad cholesterol, due to the lack of vitamins containing in healthy food, affecting our mood and taking us to express anxiety and depression as a barrier on the body.

Eat more fruits, dry fruits, fish, legumes and olive oil. Give yourself the chance of trying the Mediterranean diet as a benefit for your body and soul.

Most of the time it’s hard to eliminate this kind of food of our diet, however, we always can reduce them.

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