Our products are Food Supplements, its function are to complete the nutrients you need in your daily diet, thus it can be consumed over long periods. However, if you have questions about a product, you can contact us through [email protected].
The syrup allows people who have trouble swallowing consume these products easier.

Specifically in Ceregumil in addition to work on the quality of the products, we also work a lot on taste, our goal is that they taste good and have an effect. However, if you have questions about a product, you can contact us through [email protected].
Capsules: can be taken alone or accompanied by any liquid.

Syrups: Our syrups are formulated to be consumed alone, but are also very pleasant to take combined with juice or yogurt. One tablespoon of Ceregumil makes the yogurt even more appetizing. They have also told us that they have made pastry with Ceregumil, substituting honey with our product. Ceregumil has many possibilities.

However, if you have questions about a product, you can contact us through [email protected].
Currently many experts, such as the Spanish Society of Heart, advise to complement the diet with omega 3 if the person does not meet the recommended intake in their diet.

In CEREGUMIL with years knowing this requirement, we formulate supplements with omega-3.

Our products, CEREGUMIL, VITAMIX PLUS and ACTIVE MIND on capsule format, contain salmon’s OMEGA 3, whose taste is completely masked.

On syrups we have CEREGUMIL KIDS and CEREGUMIL OMEGA 3 DHA: in these cases the OMEGA is provided by algae (plant-based and controlled cultivation, ie without the possibility of contamination with heavy metals, and respecting the seabed), and although we mask the flavor, it can be perceived slightly, depending on the sensitivity of the person who takes it. Although we ensure that is the best in the market, according to a conducted test with different people and similar products.

However, if you have questions about a product, you can contact us through [email protected].
Although CEREGUMIL, was developed to support the nutritional deficiency of children and adults, for some years the tendency is to segment more the product and adapt it to each family member, so we created a specific product for children, CEREGUMIL KIDS with DHA, Royal Jelly and vitamins, perfect to help physical and mental development.

However, if you have questions about a product, you can contact us through [email protected].
CEREGUMIL has among its ingredients sugar, so you should consult your doctor. However, the range of CEREGUMIL capsules is suitable for diabetics, and specifically CEREGUMIL VITAMIX PLUS capsules was formulated on the basis of CEREGUMIL with extracts of cereals and vegetables and complemented with vitamins.

However, if you have questions about a product, you can contact us through [email protected].
There are studies indicating at 45 years old we start our memory loss, we understand that an aid with a supplement rich in nutrients specific for the brain can be taken since you are 40 old.

However, if you have questions about a product, you can contact us through [email protected].
To be prepared for the seasonal change, you should begin consumption in September and March, with a minimum duration of one month, or complement it throughout the spring season, autumn. Our products specific to these moments are: CEREGUMIL GINSENG Syrup, CEREGUMIL, Royal Jelly Syrup, CEREGUMIL ROYAL JELLY Capsules, Natural CEREGUMIL.

However, if you have questions about a product, you can contact us through [email protected].

FAQ about our products

The whole line of Ceregumil is over 16 different product, but for a first stage into the US market we will have available 8 different products, you can take a look here about the products we have available here.
We found ourselves as a Food Supplement product in a natural way.
Indeed all our liquids products are honey base, so we recommend that you consume our products in Softgel containing no sugar or honey to access those one visit here.
It depends, if you take it in a empty stomach, YES, but if you take it with your meals will not increase the appetite.
The reason Ceregumil it's ideal to increase the appetite it's like:

- "If you swallow sugar on an empty stomach, your pancreas produces insulin to consume that sugar in the body."

As Ceregumil is sweet, the pancreas secretes the insulin to consume sugar in the body, but as the doses of Ceregumil is a small portion, your pancreas produces more insulin than needed, so your brain sends you signals that you need to consume more food to consume the remaining insulin in your body.

For this reason if you consume Ceregumil with your meal, the pancreas is producing insulin for the food you're eating, so do not you stay with insulin in your body that will not be consumed.
Basically what makes us different is the quality of our products, but also we seek to provide a Mediterranean diet in our products, so our products are cereals and legumes based, as well as our omegas are unique and best quality. We are very proud to be use the best omega suppliers by Life's DHA omega producers, that it's one of the best in the world. So we can say that we are unique, since we use the best of the best. http://www.lifesdha.com/.
You can find the Ceregumil Natural as well as the Ceregumil Ginseng in a few stores at Miami,Florida, as well as in New York.

Another marketplace you can find it is at amazon.com.
No, we have not received any complaints or by a simple email nor by any ministry of health from any of the countries where we operate.
However we cover most medical areas:

Pediatrics - Oncology - Geriatrics - Internists Doctors - Physicians Surgeons (postoperative) - Gynecology - Psychiatrists - Neurologists - Anti aging - Plastic Surgeons - Nutritionist - Endocrinology - Cardiology - Infectious Disease - Family Practice - Doctors internists, and other areas are ideal products.
Yes, we have in our factory in Spain, a technical department by Isabel López-Arillo [[email protected]] and Candida Gasco [[email protected]] are to help consumers about which products consume.

FAQ about our services

For all our purchases we use Trycelery.com technology and to process all the payments we use Paypal.com servers and Stripe.com so we provide total security to the purchaser of their credit cards details. and we use the SSL at the moment of purchase.
All the Ceregumil products are manufactured in our main factory in Málaga, Spain, and is exported to our warehouse in Miami, Florida. At the time of purchase all products are in Miami, Florida. We focus in a RSR ( Rapid Service Response ), so as soon as you place your order we work to get it out from our warehouse within 24 hours, and we use the 3 days deliver options with he usps.com.
No, all the purchases need to be delivered using the usps.com services.
For purchases with an international address, we can offer the service, for more information contact us to help you using the contact form..
Yes, contact us for more info.