Thank for your support given in the previous years by the brand CEREGUMIL thanks to which we were able to harvest the accomplished achievements and above all, to keep us all these consecutive years in the top places. For me, it is a pleasure to be able to communicate with you and let you know a few our activities, where the ginseng has always had an active role in providing us the necessary energy for this demanding activity.

The event was held on February 23, 24 and 25, 2018 in commemoration of the INDEPENDENCE OF DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, on its eighteenth edition as well as in previous years THE BORDER ADVENTURE RALLY 2018 sought to promote the rural zones and frontiers of the Dominican Republic, boost it in touristic and economic terms with the organization of an event that it is not limited to motorcycles but also to four wheels and other all-terrain vehicles.

The last year this event counted with more than 400 national and foreign participants and surpassing the 400 miles to be navigated in three days with the new OFF-ROAD modality in all the all-terrain vehicles in FJ Cruiser and DUAL motorcycles (ON & OFF ROAD).

We leave PUERTO ALTA City “The Atlantic’s Girlfriend” on February 23, and we return every afternoon to the same departure place to end on February 25, at the same site and where we exceeded the 400 miles navigated in 72 hours.

Aerial view from Ceregumil Racing Team
Aerial view from Ceregumil Racing Team

We must remember that this event receives total coverage both press, radio, internet blogs and television. The team of BAJATEAMDOMINICANA has proved that they are a vital piece for being the fourth consecutive year the only one who had a camera aboard to be able to show to the viewers the adventures of the event and this year the event will be re-recorded with a high-resolution camera 5.2K 360° and that records 360 degrees which means that one camera can record what is happening all around, that will be swapped between the six runners of the team which will guarantee us just as last year that the logos of our sponsors will be on television (and as usual, we will be on the podium receiving the prizes). And we will count for the fourth consecutive year with the interaction of the public through TWITTER @TEAMDOMINICANA, which you can follow e interact in real time in our page WWW.BAJATEAMDOMINICANA.COM

Ceregumil Ginseng Vials
Ceregumil Ginseng Vials

Also, this year we added a tent with a “VIRTUAL REALITY” stand in which the public can see through Virtual Reality glasses what has been recorded by the cameras of the team during the day. This will be done on top of one the motorcycles as well the one used by the team during the RALLY, and to make it more realistic, they will have a helmet on which there will be adjusted the virtual reality glasses. This for the days Friday 23 and Saturday 24, February 2018.




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