Cereals have been grown for centuries in everywhere and have always been the staple food of different peoples and cultures. Cereals are considered seeds of gramineous plants: rye, oats, millet, barley, rice, maize and wheat, among other. All those who retain their bark are called wholemeal, rich in minerals, vitamins and vegetable fibers. Cereals provide nutrients as carbon hydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, all of them providing daily energy.

On the other hand, we have legumes, which are one of the types of food more nutritious in the world. Especially valued in meatless diets for its high protein intake; lentils, chickpeas and beans of all kind provide many nutritional intakes. They are a source of carbohydrates, the basic nutrient in food and the main source of energy in the body.


Ceregumil Ginseng, a good combination for the soul and body, since 1907

Some of the important benefits of consuming legumes are:


Help control weight

The content of soluble fiber in legumes slows digestion and helps you feel satisfied longer.

Increase levels of iron in the body

Legumes have iron and vitamin C simultaneously, ideal choice in cases of iron anemia deficiency.

Increased enzyme activity

Legumes provide significant amounts of copper. This mineral enhances the activity of enzymes in the body, essential for processes such as digestion, skin pigmentation and tissue connectivity.

Control blood pressure

Legumes are effective in controlling blood pressure, providing adequate protein and soluble fiber in the organism, which is one of the factors that help prevent hypertension.

Preventing birth defects

Legumes provide a high level of folic acid, ideal for pregnant women, who should consume adequate levels of folic acid during the first trimester of pregnancy to prevent defects in neural tube formation.

So, you might be wondering why Ceregumil Ginseng is a good combination for energy source

As we said before, Ceregumil Ginseng is a good combination for the soul and body. Why is that? Well, because Ceregumil Ginseng is a mixture of cereals and legumes extracts, combined with 6 years old White Korean Ginseng dust offering 15 MG of ginsenosides. It provides a source of energy, giving more vitality, reducing stress and elevating your concentration levels. The liquid presentation of CEREGUMIL GINSENG makes the product easy dosage for the consumer convenience.




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