Well, we have talked before about the most common problems caused by fast food in our body and also its relationship with depression, especially in people between 11 and 25 years old, which are more likely to eat junk food frequently. Now, we would like to give some recommendations to try to reduce the consumption of fast food.

We know it can be hard not to order a pizza, or a burger, or sweetened desert when we go to a restaurant. However, we can always change our habits, measure and the frequency we order this kind of food. Keep attention to this and star putting on practice, we assure you’ll start feeling much better right away.


  1. Eat your meals on time and take a snack at the middle of the morning and afternoon.

It will help you to control anxiety during the day and accelerate your metabolism. Your snacks must be fruits or small portions of vegetables.

  1. Substitute natural juices or sodas by water or carbonated water

Juices and sodas contain lots of sugar and help you gaining weight, so substitute them by water.

  1. Replace fat by mustard and vegetables

Replace fat sauces in your salads or sandwiches, replacing them by a bit of mustard, more vegetables or a bit of olive oil.


Healthy Food by Ceregumil


  1. Replace fried potatoes and fried sweet potatoes by baked ones

Definitely it’s a healthy choice.

  1. Try not to buy sweetened desert, milkshakes or pies when going to the supermarket

You can eat low fat yogurt instead

  1. Avoid ordering hamburgers and pizza when going to restaurants

Instead, order some grilled chicken or fish… or reduce the size of the burger or pizza, ordering a small one, with wholemeal bread and vegetables

  1. Eat snacks or chocolates just two days a week

At the beginning it’ll be not that easy, but if you increase the amount of fruits you’ll get used to it easily and fast.

  1. Stop ordering bacon in your meals

You have lots of choices to maintain a good diet, bacon has a lot of fat and increases your bad cholesterol level, and this is definitely not a good choice.

  1. Make a plan of your meals for the week and try to tight to it

Write some notes about what healthy food you’d like to eat during the week and be persistence

  1. Exercise, exercise, exercise

Last but not least, exercise yourself, start by doing biking, walking or something you like for five minutes and them increase the time little by little.

You’ll see positive results in your health and your body will be thankful

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